Kevin Fessler

Strategic technical leader with an exceptional history of delivering successful IT projects.

Recent Projects

Check out some of my recent projects.
    Nacho Fries.
    Bringing the order experience online.
  • Taco Bell Weddings
    Get married in a Taco Bell.
  • Real California Milk
    Happy Cows, recipes and more.
  • Belluminati
    Who is behind Taco Bell's dollar menu?
  • VW SmileDrive powered by Google
    Enjoy the ride
  • National Taco Day - #TacoGram
    Personalized Taco Bell Greeting Card.
  • Taco Bell World Series
    Everyone gets a free taco.
  • Taco Bell Test Kitchen
    Taco Bell's new creations start here.
  • Esurance Fuelcaster
    See tomorrow's gas prices today.
  • Why Taco Bell went all-in on Super Bowl
    Quesalupa - Marketing for the future.
  • Mobile 2.0 Web Platform
    Next generation mobile site


Each dev project should have a seamless workflow where code changes can be introduced, tested and promoted rapidly - without failure.

Automating the software delivery process using continuous integration and delivery pipelines (CI/CD) greatly enhances the team's ability to track and manage feature sets during a sprint. The ideal configuration is where code changes are automatically deployed on approval of pull request (git). The goal being to allow changes to migrate through environments separate from the underlying CMS architecture and content.

As a certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate I specialize in migrating organizations to the cloud by designing next generation software architectures and working with development teams to deliver applications that are scalable, fault tolerant and highly available.

I am proficient in designing, installing and maintaining platform architectures and web applications running on linux or Windows, using a variety of deployment tools and languages. I am also skilled in database management including RDS and noSQL databases in the cloud. I am well-versed in installing and configuring VPCs and network security for projects including applications that handle or capture personal privacy information (PII).

Platform Management Tools

Below are some common tools deployed in the projects I've worked on.
  • React / Redux
    React is a front end framework for setting up highly responsive web apps.
  • Sitecore CMS
    Certified Sitecore CMS architect with several years experience architecting web applications using SQL Server, MongoDb, ASP.NET, C#, HTML and Javascript.
  • October CMS
    October is a free CMS platform that offers a flexible architecture that is highly scalable and easy to manage across multiple environments.
  • Drupal
    Drupal is a free CMS platform that offers a flexible architecture that is highly scalable and easy to manage across multiple environments.
  • Express JS
    Express JS is a module that allows running scripts as a back-end service.
  • Kubernetes
    Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, making it easy to develop and deploy rapidly changing software with no downtime.
  • Docker
    Docker allows developers to package an application and run it in a container.
  • Jira/Atlassian
    Jira is an issue tracking program developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management.
  • Cloudwatch
    Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS.
Git Cheat Sheet
Docker Cheat Sheet